It always seems impossible until it’s done

Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013)

Holidays are opportunities for friends and relatives to get together and celebrate life. Our lives have become so hectic and stressful that we spend way too little time with the people we love. This causes all sorts of health problems, both emotional and physical. Human beings need to realize, that we function in a community and we need each others support. It is imperative, that we use the holidays that we are given, to spend time with our loved ones, even if you are disabled and reliant on a professional Nurse, who is taking care of you getting up and give a hand to enjoy the stay in a foreign City like Zurich.

There are also other reasons to stay in town. Not only brilliant ones.

Shortly said: I am here for you, when you need to be cared.

I am Regine Zweifel, a professional Nurse, working in Zurich. Here you see my services:

  • working at peoples home: taking care of people living at home and need help to get along during the day. Mostly seniors, who wish to be able to stay home and not having to move to an institution
  • working at the place of your choise: talking with people in an esteeming, empathetic, congruent way, as a psychology counselor
  • working in locations where people stay, when they visit the city of zurich: Hotelrooms, rented appartements or private stays, that your visit in town will be an unforgetable experience

I succest to find accommodations here:

ParaMap apple iTunes store

the hotel search engine for disabled guests 

Travel Information

Mobility International Switzerland MIS-Plus

My handicap

Costs: 170.00 sFr. per hour, CreditCards accepted



mobile: (0041) 44 341 77 77

All the best and happy days